Change Your Mind About You

Change Your Mind About You

Many of us struggle with maintaining our confidence; even those of us who seem to “fly high” through life.

We all get emotionally burned out sometimes. It can be a single, major event or it can be a series of bummers that just drags our self-esteem right down into the gutter.

No one wants to feel crummy. No one wants to lack motivation because they feel too crummy. Getting that motivation back, however, can feel like we’re trying to solve a puzzle box made of a thousand pieces when we have no confidence that we’ll be able to succeed.

I’m one of those that sometimes gets into a slump. I also am someone that is not afraid to seek help. Through talk therapy, reading numerous articles and seeking advice from people who go through the same struggles, I have come to the conclusion that there are numerous things that we can actively do to help change our minds about ourselves.


The corner stone is where the construction of a building starts. If something is off with the corner stone, nothing built from that point will be right. Taking care of your basic needs is the corner stone of your happiness. Tasks like taking a shower everyday, shaving or putting on makeup, doing your hair and dressing in day clothes even if you aren’t planning on going anywhere may seem so trivial they’re silly but this will put you in the proper frame of mind for the rest of the day; your corner stone in which everything else will be built upon.


We can be our own worse enemy. We know all of our flaws, the depth of our insecurities and every embarrassing thing we have said or done. The abusive inner voice is basically us dwelling on these perceived short comings and amplifying them. Stop tearing yourself down! You have probably heard the cliché “fake it till you make it.” This means that even feigned reactions will become habits over time and eventually your natural reaction. If you build yourself up and continue doing this even if you feel down on yourself, positive thinking will eventually become your mindset.


Everyone wants to feel important and needed; it helps validate our existence. When we help someone else, we get that coveted feeling of purpose. It doesn’t have to be a grand gesture. You simply see a need in another person and if you have the ability to do so, you fill that need.


How do you eat an elephant? One bite at a time. If the “big picture” is overwhelming you then don’t look at the big picture. Accomplish each smaller goal when each smaller challenge presents itself. For example: I talk a lot. A lot. I can feel down on myself for how I have over chattered in the past and I can get anxious about how I’ll probably commit this social blunder in the future but I choose not to. When I get into a conversation with someone, I live in that moment and I take on that challenge which is me not monopolizing the conversation. Its a big elephant and I’m eating it one bite at a time.


Something that I learned about myself is that I am really good at making excuses for not doing anything and not doing anything is a slippery slope. My personal favorites are I feel ill, my head feels weird, my stomach is upset, so on and so forth. When I decided to make a healthier me, I also learned about myself that I wasn’t drinking enough water. When I finally got on top of that fluid issue, I didn’t have problems with randomly feeling ill. So even though this may seem like advice that is completely misplaced on this list, drink more water.

How you think about you is up to you.



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