letting go of a bad experience

letting go of a bad experience

Staying positive in the face of negativity.

When Ichiban was only a few months old, I went to the local zoo. Anyone who has taken care of a small baby knows that when they get a bout of gas in their tummies, they go rigid and cry until the pain passes. These same people know that there is very little a caregiver can do until the pain passes.

While at the zoo, Ichiban had gas. Her little legs went stiff, she tightened her tummy and cried. I found a bench and started “peddling” her legs to help her toot and relieve the pain. Some people walked by, looking concerned but continued on their ways without saying anything.

One woman did not.

This woman walked directly towards me, stopped with her face maybe two inches from mine and screamed, GO HOME! SHE’S OBVIOUSLY NOT HAPPY HERE!” And then went on her way.

I was dumbfounded. A baby having gas doesn’t warrant a verbal assault; at least, I don’t think so.

What can a person do in this case?

Not much, really. For one thing, I don’t know how far this woman will go to express her anger and I was holding a baby.

No, a person can’t do much except to forgive her and forget her.

I’ll be honest here, I had to take several days to get over that. It made me very nervous to have been in a position where someone was able to be so aggressive and I was completely vulnerable.

Negative people exist. This we all know and have accepted. Negative people, for whatever reason, also tend to be so darn loud! A universal rule, it seems.

So how does a person let go of a negative experience?

I talked it out with people I trust. I intellectually knew that what that woman did was not kosher but seeing people have the same reaction I did when I told them, it was then that I truly felt that what that woman did was wrong.

I still go to that zoo and I still love it. I haven’t let that weird, uncomfortable experience spoil something that I enjoy so much.

Don’t let a bad experience steal your happiness, either.


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