the life garden analogy

the life garden analogy

I view the emotional side of our lives as a garden. The flowers and trees in each of our gardens are the relationships with our friends and family that we nourish. On our hardest days, we have these beautiful gardens filled with strong trees and blooming flowers to help us get through.

In every garden, weeds will grow. The toxic people we encounter who add no value to our lives but only take away from the beauty of our gardens are what I refer to as weeds.

If we allow the weeds to remain in our gardens, they will flourish and choke out everything else. Some weeds may even bloom but as soon as we recognize the weeds as weeds, we need to immediately remove them and simply forget them.

Care for what brings beauty into your life. Cherish your friends and family that make you a stronger person and they will be there for you when you feel like you can no longer find your own strength.

And always be mindful of what you allow in your garden.

I wish you all health, happiness and a beautiful garden.

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