It is far too easy to focus on the difficulties in life.

Loss, anxieties, financial issues, legal issues, things falling apart in the house, the car, etc. It’s just been so much. It has weighed heavily on my mind; constantly swirling around up there, taking up too much space.

This is my inner-Lo but as I watch my almost five year old Ichiban play with a pink balloon, I wish that was my inner-Lo instead. She’s having the time of her life; not a care in the world though she too recently has been coping poorly with stress factors in her life.

Right now, it’s her and her little pink balloon and it’s fluttering in front of a fan. There is an overwhelming joy filled with giggles and squeals coming from the hallway.

Ichiban trusts that her daddy and I will protect her. We will ensure that she will get through what is going on her life. She knows that her daddy and I have an unconditional love for her and will go to the greatest of lengths to protect her. Ichiban knows that we have plans to give her hope and a future…

This really is how my inner-Lo should think because I also have a Father who does not want to see me hurt. My Father has more control of what will happen to me and He has promised me that if I continue looking to Him, I will be okay.

FEAR NOT, He told me. Fear not.

I feel safe to be happy and content now just like Ichiban and her little pink balloon.

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