5 Feel-Good Apps

5 Feel-Good Apps

Do you just want to add a little something extra into your life to be happier? There’s an app for that.

Since I need to keep a consistent flow of positive vibes in my life, in every niche I look for this and add it to my routine. This is particularly important when I’m trying to unwind.

I do love my books for when I need to  get out of my head and distress but lets be honest, I’m more likely to have my phone on me than a book and because of how easily negative social media can be, I don’t usually go to those apps for relaxation.

I do have a few go-to apps that are mostly constructive and put me in a good mood when I need to tranquilize.

Pronounced DEW-oh-LING-goh and incredibly fun for a learning game. A plethora of languages to choose from and every single course is free! There are two other aspects that I greatly appreciate: I can study at my own pace and I can postpone lessons that require me to repeat back a phrase. The latter is very convenient for those times I don’t want everyone around to hear me struggling with the Spanish language. 🙂

YouVersion Bible App, Study Plans
This one is not an app itself but a program within an app. In the YouVersion Bible, we have the ability to choose from innumerable reading plans of various lengths that will contain devotional content and associated Bible verses. Enlighten our minds and souls!

Amazon Kindle  / Audible / Google Play Books
What? Did you think I wouldn’t include a book? In respect of full disclosure, I have a preference for traditional books over e-readers. The feel of it in my hands, smell of the paper, the sound of pages turning… More importantly, though, I like reading. So after years of stubbornly ignoring e-readers, I finally downloaded an app and I enjoy books that I have dedicated solely to reading digitally.

Now if you’re in your car or on the treadmill or just plain don’t want to *read* but still want to chill out to a book, there is Audiblean app that’ll let you listen to someone else read. Don’t worry; that someone will know all the words and have an attractive speaking voice.

Lose yourself in Wikipedia the same way we did with encyclopedias in the pre-Wikipedia world of our younger years. Get smarter from a source that is less stressful than the news. It’s a fine alternative to twiddling your thumbs.

YouTube can be used for good or ill. I have found so much good. In next week’s post, I write about YouTube channels that I personal love that I believe are universally approachable but I guarantee, you’ll find something that is uniquely suited to your tastes. From art (think Bob Ross) to gaming to showcasing to chit-chat, there truly is something for everyone; you wont have to look hard.

Hopefully, you are in a better mood after using these apps as I am.

Take care,

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