An Autumn Stroll

An Autumn Stroll

I turned 31 in October. The previous year was so fleeting — more so than any other year that I can think of — that it reaffirmed for me the importance in finding a lovely moment in every day to enjoy. Yesterdays arrive so quickly and I don’t want to be nostalgic for things I wished could’ve been.

I have a passion for running but there is something about a solo walk through town that just can’t be beaten. Running gives me a sense of accomplishment; walking gives me the opportunities to “stop and smell the flowers.”

I don’t normally have a plan for my walks; I just stroll through the streets and the unofficial trails in the empty fields. I enjoy seeing the old trees, particularly the towering California Redwoods and mangled oaks. There is such a variety of trees here and they are all so beautiful.

It’s not only the natural environment I love to walk by. I also love seeing old buildings, some which have long been abandoned (some which look abandoned but are not…). There are placards in front of these buildings with a brief history of who built them and for what purpose. Then there are a few that are simply buildings with a lot of character and mystery. I’m sure the stories are here, somewhere, though I can’t find them. I don’t mind not knowing; the old aesthetics are enough for me. The wild animals reinhabiting seem to agree. Sometimes, I get to watch the rejuvenation of an area by caring locals. Every day I walk by, a new part is added to a 100-year-old story.

Nothing beats a solo walk. At least not for me. The 15-odd minutes every morning helps with recentering that benefits me for the rest of the day. The sights, sounds and fresh air remind of how blessed I really am.

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